Neglect at Your Own Peril: Stop Leaving Money on the Table!

If you are neglecting content and social media, you are missing out on traffic, leads, and sales.

Boost Conversions with Done-For-You Content

Creating quality content is hard. It’s time-consuming and takes you away from other important things.

Hiring freelance writers and designers is expensive. My team delivers top-notch content without breaking the bank.

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Done-For-You Content Marketing Saves You Time and Money

Don’t spend your precious time planning and creating content. My team will do it all for a fraction of what you’d pay a marketing firm.

My content team specializes in writing for Drop Ship Lifestyle members. You’ll get first-rate content from professionals who understand your business.

Stand Out From the Competition

Research shows businesses that consistently provide useful, high-quality content, increase their conversion rate by as much as 5 times. (Lucidpress)

Yet too many small businesses ignore content marketing. For you, that means opportunity.

Get an edge over your competition and get Done-For-You Content Marketing today!

The Transparency Advantage

You’ll know what your content team is working on, when you can expect delivery, and more through your own dashboard.

You’ll see your team’s real-time progress. Plus, add comments and send messages to your team.

Done-For-You Content Marketing + Social Media

Spread the word about your brand. My social media team targets prospects who can get enthusiastic about your products.

Increase traffic to your store. Each post includes a call-to-action link to direct targeted leads to your website.

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Why Social Media Marketing?

60% of people say they discover new products on Instagram. (Instagram)

54% of web surfers use social media to search for new products. (GlobalWebIndex)

76% of consumers have bought a product they’ve seen in a social media post. (Curalate)

66% of companies use social media to release new products to consumers. (Duke University)

52% of people surveyed said they were interested in buying a product they saw on Facebook. (Statista)

44% of consumers bought items they saw in a social media post. (Curalate)

Tap Into Your Brands Full Potential With My Most Powerful Package Ever!

It’s Like Having A Full Team of Experts, Only Better…

Done-For-You Content, Social Media, & An Expert Team

All the sales-boosting benefits of Done-For-You Content + Social Media,
along with access to my team of experts:


Perfect for fixing coding issues or making simple modifications to your store. Our developers are experts on the Charlotte store theme but can work with any Shopify theme.

Need to install custom scripts to your website? Our developers are at your service.

Virtual Assistant

Let a virtual assistant upload products to your store, saving you time and effort.

Don’t let repetitive and time-consuming tasks keep you away from what’s important. A virtual assistant does it for you.

Graphic Designer

Have a pro designer create custom banners and images for your website.

Customize your advertisements. Want extra social media posts?

Let a graphic designer give them a look that’s sure to wow your prospects.

Video Editor

Show, don’t tell. Want to make custom videos of your products? A video editor will give them a clean, professional look.

Want to add videos to your blog posts, product pages, and social media posts? Make your videos stand out with pro editing.


Optimize key product pages for increased conversions.

Make your product offers irresistible with professionally-written product descriptions.

Increase conversion rates for your ads with proven copywriting methods.

Want additional content? Extra blog posts? Social media content? Your copywriter is on call.

Don’t Spend Your Time Hiring an In-House Team: Hire My Team Instead

You could hire your own talent pool, but by outsourcing to my team, you avoid the recruiting nightmare:

No hiring campaigns on Upwork, Online Jobs, or other “VA” sites.

No sorting through piles of resumes looking for the right candidates.

No spending hours interviewing.

No onboarding and training.

No payroll and benefits headaches.

Includes all the benefits of Done-For-You Content + Social Media Marketing together with access to my team of experts!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Content Marketing is a marketing strategy that relies on creating articles and blog posts in order to generate “free” traffic from sources like Google, Bing, and other search engines. Our content strategies are a little bit different though. Instead of creating content that targets high-traffic, high-competition, low-value keywords, we focus on creating high quality content that targets buyer intent keywords. When you pair this strategy with the paid marketing strategies taught in Module 6 of the blueprint, you’re setting yourself up to maximize the return on your investment.

When you look at the full scope of content marketing, social media holds a unique place in the pipeline. Just like our content strategies, I do social media a little differently. Social media has evolved over the past few years to be a tool designed to help close your customers. In order to do this, our team creates multiple customer avatars for your brand based on the current demographics of your niche. When you combine this tailored content approach with the proven research tactics, you will help build authority in your niche, resulting in better performance for your website content.

The Done-For-You Content, Social, and Expert Team package is great for anyone who is looking to build long term success for their business. We recommend these packages specifically for stores that have already generated at least one or two sales from paid advertising methods. Once the niche has been proven viable, it’s time to start scaling.

While I do recommend you have at least one sale, If you have at least twenty-five live products uploaded to your website, it could be a good time to get started on your content strategy

Once you have signed up, you will receive an email asking you to submit your business information. This form should only take you about 15 – 20 minutes to complete. The form will ask you some basic information like your business name, links to specific products that you would like to promote, as well as instructions to provide access to the needed accounts (like your Shopify account). Once you have submitted this information, you will be redirected to a progress tracker. This progress tracker will show you step-by-step what my team is working on. You will see when they start a task and move it closer towards being scheduled. My team will take care of everything for you. From keyword research, content research, uploading, scheduling, and making tweaks as needed.

Yes. Content marketing is a massive opportunity for whomever wants to take advantage of this channel, but it is not a replacement for the training taught in Module 6 of the Blueprint. I have designed these processes to go in tandem with our paid strategies.

My team moves quick! Once you have submitted your information, the team will review the data and either request additional information or begin the process. Once the process has begun we usually deliver the first piece of content within 7 business days.

With monthly services, you can cancel at any time directly inside your members area. You will receive the remaining content that you have paid for. The most successful students sign up for six to twelve months of Done-For-You Content + Social Media. For refunds, I offer a 30 days, no questions asked money-back guarantee. If you decide after purchasing, but before work begins that you’d prefer to do the your own content marketing, no problem. Just sent me an email requesting a refund and I’ll get it issued.

Hiring a team is difficult, expensive, and takes a lot of time to get right. I’ve already done the work, now I’m letting you take advantage of that work for a fraction of the price. When you select this package, not only will you receive Done-For-You Content & Social Media, but you will also receive access to my team of experts to help out with specific tasks and projects. You’ll have access to my developers, copy writers, graphics designers, project managers, virtual assistants and more. You will have unlimited access to these experts at one project at a time. Let’s use the graphics designer for an example. Let’s say you are looking to have professional banners created for a new marketing campaign you are running. You will just let my team know what you’re looking to have done, my project manager will get any additional information needed and our designer will get to work. Small projects can be completed within 24 hours, while larger projects could take multiple days. Once the designer has delivered the project, made adjustments as needed, and uploaded any needed files, you can then assign a new project to one of our experts. Important note: our team of experts are not coaches. They will not be able to answer 99% of the course related questions, but for the specific projects that they are experts on, they’ll do a rock star job. If you are looking for private coaching, check out our coaching program.

No, unfortunately not. The truth is, hiring and training a team of specialists is expensive and time consuming. This program allows you to hire a team that you can be confident knowing they are experts. If you need one off projects like bulk uploading products or custom development work, you are likely better off working directly with a freelancer.

Choose Your Marketing Package:

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AnnuallyGet 2 Months Free

Done-For-You Content


4 High Quality Articles

Comprehensive Topic Research

SEO Optimized

Branded Content Images

Professional Writers (No AI here)

​Live Progress Tracker

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+Social Media


Includes everything in Done-For-You Content, plus…

16 Social Media Posts

High Quality Designs

Optimal Hashtag Research

Professionally Copywriter

Automatically Scheduled For You

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Done-For-You Content


52 High Quality Articles

Comprehensive Topic Research

SEO Optimized

Branded Content Images

Professional Writers (No AI here)

​Live Progress Tracker

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+Social Media


Includes everything in Done-For-You Content, plus…

192 Social Media Posts

High Quality Designs

Optimal Hashtag Research

Professionally Copywriter

Automatically Scheduled For You

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